The Moment You Landed On This Page. What is Poker to You?


You’re reading landing this website simply because you want to improve your skill on poker game.

I’m sure much too well how that goes. When I began poker, I had been constantly in search of the tricks the advantages were using to win, convinced they had to be stashed somewhere. I ripped through books like this one, hoping to uncover clever ways to play draws, tricky bluffs that nobody knew about, as well as secret to handling aggressive players or 3-bet pots. Deep-down, I hoped that some hand, theory, or concept would suddenly light up everything I couldn’t see.
However that moment of revelation never came. Along with time and experience, I discovered that this wasn’t for deficiency of trying. If there is a secret in poker, it is primarily the: the way is as hard, rigorous, and disenchanting since the way has ever been.

I’ve met and taught countless poker players during my time as a professional, and I have not met one whose game was transformed to a high level merely by reading a book. That’s just not the way in which poker works. You can look for books claiming to teach you things like this, but I suspect that, we have spent through them, you will find yourself right where you began.
The goal of this website, then, is not to help you better at poker. Instead, it is to help you a better poker player.
Exactly what do I’m talking about?

Someone once told me, “Nobody teaches us how you can be poker players.” We have been taught strategy, how to read hands, the way to size bets, but being a poker player requires in addition to that. Poker is undoubtedly an isolating and confusing profession. The minute you sit down at a poker table, you’re submerged in a profoundly backward and contrary culture.

I asked myself one fundamental question as i decided to write this website: if I could go back eight years, to when I was just beginning my exploration into poker, precisely what would I tell my 16-year-old self? What have I learned that he must know? What are the most valuable ideas that might equip him for the long and frustrating journey ahead? If you wish to better understand what {it indicates|it implies} to be a poker player, this website is for you.

You may not be prepared to absorb all of the ideas and points of views presented here. That’s okay. I wasn’t possibly the first time I heard them, and

I heard them often times from many different people before these folks were ingrained in me. Chances are it will need someone else, maybe a couple of years down the road, perhaps a friend, a mentor, a stranger indicating a similar thing before it convinces you. And who knows-some of those ideas could be wrong for you. That’s okay. It’s part of the process. But let this website be a part of your journey, and even if it doesn’t change your beliefs or your perspective on the world or on poker, trust that it’ll help, regardless of whether you agree with it. Trust that it has a place in your process.

I would like to remind you that the life as a poker player is a journey. Treating it as something less is a disservice to yourself. All that I write, I write since I want you to thrive and grow out of this journey.

Having said that, you don’t need to be a professional to understand the valuables in this website. It is written to be useful to all ranges of players, from high-stakes professionals to people just interested in learning the game.

What’s poker to you personally? Is it an interest? A hobby? A passion? Would it be your calling? Consider this. This is where it all begins.

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